Pine Top Farm Shadow Box Miniatures – a horse trial gallery

February 2013 Winter Intermediate Horse Trials Pines are everywhere at Pine Top Farm, Thomson, GA.



These images are all from the Winter Intermediate Horse Trials at Pine Top Farm in Thomson, GA.  The same event as my valentine post to Holly Payne.  Besides Holly, I grabbed shots of Allison Springer, Erin Sylvester and dozens more skilled riders.  What’s more, many of the photos show the beautiful, contoured landscape of Pine Top.  Even in Georgia’s winter when so many of the trees and shrubs are bare, the backgrounds provide a gorgeous setting for the sport.  And my photos.

pine top farm, thomson, gaHere you see just not the tight close-ups that I love so much, but also scenes that capture much of the charm, the rolling hills, the edges of the woods, that characterize Pine Top – and give it its name.

I’m trying a page layout that is friendlier to tablets than my previous pages.  The featured shots appear in a slideshow above the headline (linked from flickr); next, you view a gallery.  Clicking any image expands it to fill your screen and begins another slideshow that you can easily stop.

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